Led Red light Device


About Product

Product use process:
Please clean the parts before use.
1. Press the switch button and gently press the head of the light source on the area to be treated for 30 seconds (avoid the eye skin).
2. After the optical care, the skin is in the best way to absorb and penetrate the skin care products. Please use your favorite skin care products to maintain the skin.
Period of use:
First month (4 weeks), use at least 3 times per week, 20-28 minutes each time (5-7 minutes);then,keep the frequency twice a week for about 10 minutes.
The instrument will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of operation. If you need to use it again, please turn it on and use it again.
After use, please turn off the power.
Do not wash this product. Use a soft cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out to wipe off dirt on the surface.
Application area:
BZ-0610 combined with heat radiation and blue hemorrhoids and acne marks healing technology.
30 625nm red LED: can penetrate the surface of human skin 8-10 mm, through the systemic or local red light irradiation to activate various.
Enzyme enzymes in the human body In particular, the activity of proteases promotes the production of a large amount of collagen and elastic cells in the body, thereby achieving a beauty anti-aging effect.

Four 855nm far-infrared lamps: avoid harmful rays in the sun and give the skin cells the energy they need to promote skin cell renewal.